how usefull is the gas stove with four burners

a gas stove with four burners - A gas stove with four burners
March 29, 2009 12:24pm CST
Hey all iam planning to buy a gas stove with four burners,but many people told me that it is not that comfortable,so i cant decide that i should buuy it or not.pls help me to take a decision.
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@mizstress (719)
• Philippines
29 Mar 09
we have this at home and it helps us to cook different food at lesser time.. we dont have to wait for one food to cook before we can cook another dish again. this is a big help when were on the rush specially in the morning. one thing that i dont like about the 4 burner gas stove is that theyre bulky (obviously..) and you can use your big pots and pans at the same time the burner are close to each other.. but its great for ordinary day cookings. happy mylotting
• United States
29 Mar 09
They only have stoves with 4 burners here even 6 I've seen if you've got the room, the passion and the $$$$ to pay for something that fancy. It does come in handy when you are cooking for a holiday. Also I use the back burners more as I have little ones and I fear if I'm not standing there they will attempt to touch or pull the pan down and get burned. Good Luck with your decision!
29 Mar 09
we have oneand they come in really handy at xmas, new year and other times your cooking big meal, because you can cook potatos, different veg and other stuff all at the same time so you dont have to wait long for your meal, because its all done at once