Is it true that when a person is in love, he/she may do stupid stuff?

March 29, 2009 9:24pm CST
I had started a discussion a while ago about woman who engage in an extra-marital affair. I also am into thinking, why do we do stupid things for love. I mean it is a clear stupidity to engage in a relationship with a man who is with someone else at the moment. But why does it seem that though we know its not right, we tend to continue with what they are doing. Is it really true that when you're in love you lose the sense of thinking what is right or wrong and will eventually lead you into doing stupid things?
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• Philippines
30 Mar 09
I think its true. I know a friend who's husband keeps on having an affair and eventually my friend finds out about even if its happening on a regular basis leaving her husband is not an option....isn't that a proof that love makes a person do stupid things? seeing her suffering every time he discovers his husband's unfaithfullness and not doing anything to stop it just confronts her husband and forgives him after telling her he loves her and that's nothing (which is a lie ofcourse!) is a stupid thing. Why would you waste your time for someone who treats you like crap....just a thought....
@nympha687 (940)
• United States
30 Mar 09
Proven, yes. When people get head over heels, they usually do crazy, unexplainable things. They don't really realize it yet because they are still intoxicated. lol