being a student is more enjoying

March 30, 2009 12:21am CST
i am a 3rd year college student. being a students seem to be so hard, so many exams, projects and homeworks. but i have realized that being a student is more enjoy that to have a job. when you have a job you have to go to work no matter what. you have to be so responsible and mature. there will be less time for gigs and gimmiks. i prefer to be a student, but it wiull not last. for i will be graduating next year.
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@tjsally (287)
• China
30 Mar 09
I really admire you. To be a student is most happiness. Although there are so many exams, projects and homeworks, students could learn more knowledges from university. I graduated for almost ten more years, I still remember the time in campus. At that time, we all excited to graduate to work, but when you find a job, you will find new pressures and difficulties. You should treasure this period in your university, wish you have a nice time in there! Good luck and happy mylotting.
@jaded22 (828)
• Philippines
30 Mar 09
I agree with you. :) So enjoy every moment of being a student coz once you graduate, well, welcome to the real world. =D Good day. ;)