Still can't log-in in CIAO?

@tombiz (2039)
March 30, 2009 1:46am CST
For the past many days, there is an ongoing problem with the site of Ciao. any browser request to get in or log-in into the account is just meet with a refusal from the site. While a lot of members are emailing Ciao on this one, I don't know if there is anybody who receive an official explanation for the malady. Two days ago, I was browsing myLot to find other members also complaining of the same problem then I came upon a very good method outlined by an equally good member of Ciao here. Essentially the method is using the indirect way. If you don't know it yet and hence could not log-in to your Ciao account, I am repeating the same method here. 1. Find any review in the site. 2. Click on the username of the reviewer or member. 3. On his/her profile, click on either Add As A Friend or COT. 4. Then the log-in portal will appear. 5. Input your username and password as usual. 6. Viola! Please share this to others who may have the same problem.
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• Malaysia
2 Apr 09
I'm having some problems logging in as well and thanks for sharing this piece of information. I will try that out immediately. But honestly speaking, I've grown a little bit tired with the spammers in Ciao. Everyone is trying to earn as much as possible without giving the proper product reviews. Quite unfair to those people who actually write good reviews since the amount of reward has been reduced quite significantly. And it's easy to get diamond review. :)