What is the real essence of ART???

March 30, 2009 4:58am CST
For you wHat is art..?? well..for me..art is an expression, it is freedom..it is free and has no limitations..( well that's for me.) Is in it funny why there is a lot of Art critics nowadays? they give their own perspective and critics to the works of many artist. They give emphasis on every detail of an art piece. It just popped up to my mind, who are these people to criticize one's idea.??? I'm an artist as well.. i took a painting class when i was elementary. since birth i wanna take Fine Arts as my Major course then suddenly i don't want to pursue anymore. I realized that why should i study art? Its an expression, and its freedom! Why is it that there is a standard in ARTS!!???? like...hue is like this...the concept of brightness is like this...etc.. Is that the reason why you are taking those art lessons.?? to have a standard.?? WHATs the sense.??
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