quarrelsome columnist!

March 30, 2009 5:55am CST
just watched the local news and there was this item on a chinese columnist who is based in hongkong named tsao(who are you???) who remarked in his column that the Philippines is a nation of slaves and that it shouldn't be claiming the spratlys island as its own because we have no right. and he added that if both china and the philippines go to war because of this dispute, he'll be forced to fire his filipina maid and let her to go back to the Philippines. i really do not know who this guy is... haven't heard of him at all, and i don't know how famous he is wherever he is from but who is he to make such discriminatory remarks? is he trying to start some fight here? how ignorant of him to say such things.... he obviously has not been to the Philippines yet! i have no interest in politics, nor in journalism of any kind and i've never been known to react to news whether positive or negative but tsao has gone so far and i believe he has made a lot of filipinos angry with this. my family has been planning to have a vacation in hongkong this april..... but with this development, no thanks, not anymore. if our country calls for a boycott, count me in!
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