End of the World in 2012....?

end of the world - well, it seems like some kind of astroid comes and collides with the earth which will trigger the extinction of life on earth as we know it.
@ralphido (843)
March 30, 2009 9:42am CST
Hi friends... recently i saw a documentary in discovery channel about the possible doomsday in the year 2012. Watching the documentary, i was convinced that something terribly bad is going to happen 3 years from now.. ..First, Let me first lay down the facts as it was presented in it. ..The first hint of a apocalypse came from the long lost Mayan civilization. Their calendar which can accurately predict a solar eclipse thousand years from now than the modern technology mysteriously ends on this same year. They say that the world is going into some new age in that year. Now, scientists have got a plausible explanation. In 2012, there is going to occur a phenomena once every 25,000 years. In 2012, the Earth and Sun will come in line to the Centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Scientists believe there's a chance that a massive change in planetary attraction will trigger a shift of poles of the Earth.. ie, there will be a change in the rotation of the earth. if this happens there will be tsunamis averaging a ht of 100 mts.. and earthquakes like never been recorded.. 10+... The next hint of a breakdown comes from the chinese mythical book I-ching. It is a book which has an answer for any question. Chinese uses it to seek their fortune. It has some 64 different markings which are answers for all your questions. When a controversial mathematician plotted these markings on a timeline, this seemed to depict perfectly the ups and downs in the history like the world war 1 and 2 and so on. but most disturbing was the fact that it abruptly ended in 2012. Now you all know about Nostradamus and his famous predictions. There were similar oracles in the ancient world. One of the most renowned oracle of the ancient greece was Cybil. and Julius Caesar (by name) many hundred years before he was born.. now, she has predicted that something terrible is going to happen in 2012 which will be nothing like the human race has ever scene before... Another oracle who predicted the emergence of cell phone( 'a time will come when a man in london will talk to a man in france through a rock') long before electricity was discovered has also placed a warning. He mentioned a particular location in Britain and said it will be rocked by an earthquake never happened before. At present, the particular location is the centerforce of a Nuclear Power Plant...!! The most disturbing of all is that there has been made a prediction in the modern day about a possible extermination. It comes not from a human but from a computer program.. The 'web bot' was originally designed to predict changing patterns in the share market. It consists of a large number of bots which scan the entire internet for changes in patterns across the world and makes a prediction based on it. But in june 2001, the inventors of web bots discovered that the program was predicting something entirely different from its necessary purpose. The prediction was that something terrible was going to happen in the next 60 - 90 days.. and the prediction came out to be true.. well the next prediction of the web bot suggests that something terrible is going to happen in 2012. Whatever's going to happen...? This documentary has shattered my nerves to bits and I just wanted to share few bits of with you guys.. hope you don't mind ..;)
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