do u cry if u hurt?

March 30, 2009 1:35pm CST
do u cry if u hurt?
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@Reyah23 (641)
• Philippines
3 Apr 09
Im a very sensitive person. So i really cry when i get hurt.
@CJay77 (4438)
• Australia
2 Apr 09
Hi! I think it all depends on the pain I feel. Sometimes crying does help to ease the pain and I don't think there's wrong with it. I even cry when I'm watching some sad movies.
@acmepride (1546)
• United States
1 Apr 09
Not so much, if I can still have the capacity to bear such hurt/pain. In fact, I haven't cried for a long long time, which somewhat bothers me, since I may no longer be human, for all I know. If and when the hurt/pain becomes absolutely unbearable and crying is definitely inevitable, though, I would think that crying would simply just result because of such. More power and Happy myLotting!
• India
30 Mar 09
hi friend, Depending upon the situation friend.If the situation makes me feel emotional than i think every one tries to cry.If not,i think no one cries.Coming to me it is heart touching definitely i make a cry friend. Have a nice day
@madposas (98)
• Philippines
2 Apr 09
no, life is definitely too short for drama. besides, getting hurt would last if you wanted to. what i mean is if you kept on thinking about the situation and you think your affected and then you'd cry. that's when you just dont want to move on, but hey. know what? crying is really good for our body, but being depressed? not really.