Do you know how to drive a "stick"? How did you learn?

Ferrari 308 GTS - This is the style Ferrari that my dad owned back in the 80's. If you ever watched "Magnum PI", it's the same car that was on the show. In fact, one day my dad drove it through McDonald's drive-thru and the girl in the window said to him, "OMG! Is that Tom's car????" (Tom Selleck who was Magnum, for those who aren't familiar with the show) and my dad replied, "No, this is my car. I'm his uncle and I let him borrow it once in awhile". LOL And the girl believed him!!!
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March 30, 2009 4:47pm CST
Just curious as to how many people can drive a "stick" and what type of vehicle you drove to learn. When I was almost 16, my dad bought a Ferrari 308 GTS (which, made my mom just a little peeved). One day he took me for a ride in it. We turned onto this really straight rural road and he just stopped the car in the road. He looked at me and said get out. I was thinking, huh? what did I do? So, I asked him what I did and he told me nothing but that I was going to drive. Okay, I thought at that point he had completely lost his mind!!!! And I told him that too! lol We changed seats, and here I am in the drivers seat of a $65,000 car wondering wtf he's going to do when I run off the road or run into something! Ya, I was just a little nervous! But I learned how to drive it! About a year after I got my license, I got a little Audi that was a stick. And it did take me a few times around the block to get comfortable driving a stick again. But it was not anywhere near as nerve wracking driving that car as it was my dad's Ferrari!
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6 May 09
I was self-taught when my car would not start one morning and I needed to get to work. My husband had the day off and was sound asleep. I just took his truck and I of course messed up a few times but I made it to work and called him. After that we went out a few times so I could get better at it. It is good to know.
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30 Mar 09
nice car :P lol. yes, i do know how to drive a stick, but i much rather prefer to not have to, if i can help it lol. i learned when i was about 15 too, when i was learning to drive. i learned in an old ford mustang haha.