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@vanities (11409)
Davao, Philippines
March 30, 2009 8:58pm CST
I had read somewhere that American children between the age of 8 and 18 apparently spend an average 44 hours a week video-gaming, online etc. Is this true? how accurate is this information? How does this compare with your household or with you personally?
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• China
31 Mar 09
I do not think that no my country ,today's children is also obsessed with onlie games.It is time that you almost have to say.let alone at american.however ,I also like game onlie,I have the point that appropriate time for the game you no harm,on the contrary i feel that the possible benefits have.such as reduce stress,exercise ideas and so on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@majja1 (47)
• Australia
31 Mar 09
Hi vanities, I got no kids myself but if I had I would definitely not let them spend 44 hours a week online or gaming. I guess I use the computer about 2-3 hours a day myself but after that I have to go out for a run or a walk. I am not against gaming and internet but I do believe there should be limits for kids.