-MiRacles happens-

March 30, 2009 9:54pm CST
Its difficult to say which harder to endure:watching your child suffer with health problems,or seeing your child watch you endured a disability or addiction that keeps you from being a mother you long to be. Thankfully,God understand and has promised His help and compassion,.And from the bible,is filled lots of stories of miraculous healings. Its a promise worth clinging to,no matter whose health is in question. We can rely on His faithfullness,just hold on. For many struggles we encountered God is always there to lean on. In your life How Does God's work on you???
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• Philippines
31 Mar 09
yeah, GOD is an awesome GOD.... miracle is always happen when we seek it, everytime we ask it from God, nothing is impossible with Him, He prove it a couple of times in my life. i suffered from, malaria when i was in high school, dengue positive when i was in college and the worst thing, when i fell in love with the wrong guy. i became crazy that time;( my family hated me so much, i lost them and even my friends, my life was so sad and dont know how and what to do;( i always cry everytime i remember my family specially my mom, its really for all mothers to see their children in that kind of situation... then 1 day, i thaught im pregnant that why i went to the ob gyne, thats the time i discovered that i have a cyst in my ovary.. i cried;(;( im really afraid to die and thats the time i askd God for help, i also asked people to pray for me, that the time when miracle happened. now i know that im really a changed person, i lost everything but He gave it back!!! to God be the glory
• Philippines
1 Apr 09
Wow!Very nice testimony,YOu know what you can use your testimony or share it to others,to win crowns from God.Goodluck.