How does caffeinated beverages help in studying?

March 31, 2009 12:26am CST
Do you think drinking caffeinated beverages can really help you in concentrating in your studies? Caffeine is a known stimulant which means that your mental activity is enhanced. However, is this enough for you to absorb information from the books that you read in order to prepare for an examination? What can you say about it?
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@Pigglies (9335)
• United States
2 Apr 09
I don't know if it really helps you concentrate more, but it certainly helps to keep you awake. After pulling an all nighter sometimes you have to have some caffeine.
• Philippines
31 Mar 09
When I was still in college drinking coffee helped a lot in staying a little late and have an extra energy doing research and reviews... I did somehow well at least not perfectly in exams and school projects and thesis... I don't know somehow if caffeine really helps in enhancing brain input it may be psychological... or maybe still staying up a little everynight did help me to read and extend my review time... but caffeine like you said enhances brain activity... well they might...
• United States
31 Mar 09
I've heard this and I don't know if it's true. Caffeine doesn't have a whole lot of effect on me. I have also heard that caffeine is good for stimulating creativity, which I can believe easier than I can believe it helps with concentration. But who knows?