My Bad Habits

March 31, 2009 6:26am CST
People have their own bad habits...may be if one thinks its not a bad habit for him but then the other might take it as one....we all have common somethimes different and unique bad habits of our own...sometimes we do them knowingly and sometimes they happen worst bad habit is that is that, i stoop whenever i walk and i stand...and to a very bad extent that people really stare at me.....and when i get get consious that onlookers are staring i stand erect.....i am sick of this ya......what are ur bad habits.......??????
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@vjsinduja (1035)
• Sri Lanka
31 Mar 09
Can't say its actually a bad habit, can take it as an weak point. I am very short tempered. I try controlling my self to the best. But times I just explode