when I begin to indulge in the old songs if I will become old?

@youetme (352)
March 31, 2009 9:33pm CST
I indulge in the old songs and starts ,like I listen to the songs of Carpenters ,MJ,. Especially Carpenters is my favorite band . I sit there quietly and listen to the so many songs that make me cry . I recall my children and those I ever liked . I am afraid if I have become old like a reall woman? The same thing happens to you?
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• India
2 Apr 09
I never knew listening to old songs makes on old! I have always enjoyed old songs with soft tunes and meaningful lyrics and they are all I listen to. Some modern songs are good enough for listening a couple of times or maybe humming but that’s all….the old songs are the ones which I store and fall back on whenever I want to listen to some good music.
• China
1 Apr 09
Loving old songs doesn't mean that you have become old.These two things don't have direct relation,i think.I like listening old music.Some old songs are sung and loved by people for a long time because they are classical and represent a typcial an era.