Can Someone Explain To Me This

April 1, 2009 1:04am CST
can someone explain to me why the ratings of Heroes continues to sink? I really don't get it.
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• United States
21 Apr 09
Part of the problem, according to the producers/writers/etc is that they never completely recovered from the WGA strike. They have changed the format of the show since then but before that they worked so hard to avoid leaks that they didn't have anything to fall back on during the strike. As far as I have been concerned the problem has been dropped story lines and the writers expecting too much of the audience. For example, how long did it take you to realize that the kid at Coyote Sands with the glasses who helped Angela and Linderman form The Company was Elle's father? Even farther back in the show, the other kid was Charles Deveaux, Peter's patient while he was still a Hospice nurse. I saw comments about that episode on which led me to another problem. People saw that episode as "filler" and "useless" when it was actually a very revealing, very important episode, although I think they spent a little too much time on some things and not enough on others, leaving just as many new questions as they had answered old ones. The bit at the end with Angela's sister seemed a little silly but I've come to expect that things (most things) will come full circle and we'll see Alice again. Unfortunately, too many people aren't willing to wait it out and see how it's going to end. They want each episode to wrap up in a neat package before moving on to the next one. To those people, I say watch a sitcom.
• Canada
14 Apr 09
Maybe its because the show doesnt have enough suspence and action, if they had a little more the ratings would probably go back up.
@maezee (39821)
• United States
1 Apr 09
Maybe because it's so hard to understand. I watched an episode (probably a re-run) a couple days ago and I just could NOT get into it for some reason; I was totally confused, and because of my confusion - it was just boring to me. I'd probably have to watch all of the previous seasons just to get caught up with what's going on. Maybe it's because no "new" people can watch the show without being confused and thus bored.