What do you think Australia would be like?

November 10, 2006 10:27pm CST
Hi, I'm an aussie and this site seems to be mostly american. Alot of people have pre-conceived idea's on our country, what's yours?
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@ssh123 (31096)
• India
11 Nov 06
Mylot has balanced representation. May be you find Americans slightly big in number. But, I do get good responses from peoples of the world. There are quite a lot from African countries, UK, France, Germany. Big participation from Indians. Incidentally I am from India. I had been to Australia (Sydney). It is a lovely place. I do not think any one has preconceived ideas on any country. Sometimes people do express something against our country, but then one has to take it in a sportive way, as long as it is not a serious matter. I therefore request you to post your discussions. There are plenty of interesting facts you can tell about Australia. Your cricket team is great. In all my predictions, I had said that Australia would win the cup and they did it. Highly spirited team and world champs. Talk of your Sydney Opera. Many of Indian films are shot there. What about your vast deserts. Plane fly so low, one can count the camels and desert animals and also scarcely spread out desert plants. Australia welcomes lot of immigrants from India, Sri Lanka. Many Singaporeans take up competitive exams in Australia. My cousin took one. Why bother about anyone. You just post discussions and make it attractive, thought provoking. Give interesting and comprehensive responses. You are always welcome to avoid whhatever you dislike. Thanks for nice discussion you posted. It gave me opportunity to scribble something.
11 Nov 06
Thanks for your response. However, I did not mean to offend. I agree about our cricket team and am an avid watcher. I speak with many Indian people and like the fact that you love the sport and cheer a good game, rather than your own country, which aussie's seem to do (unfortunatley). I thought this was a discussion forum and not a just a site to place jibe's. I REALLY would like to know what people think of my country.