Interracial marriage? Good or not?

April 1, 2009 5:57am CST
Today , my teacher ask us that can anyone of us accept interracial marriage, most of us said yes while some of us said no , we discussed this for a long time . What about you? My friend ,welcome to share your opinion!@_@
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• Malaysia
1 Apr 09
if you truly love someone then language, culture, race, religion or any other matters, should not be an issue or barrier. i've seen and heard many people who get married to people that's not the same race as them and they are happy together. But when in an inter-cultural or inter-racial relationship, the couple must know that they might face problems or that there are people who wouldn't approve of their relationship. they have to work together and stand by each other to try to overcome the problem. if they love each other, then they would not mind the obstacles that they have to go thru. but if only one of them is willing to preserve the relationship, then it could be difficult. i don't have anything against inter-cultural/racial marriage, in fact i admire those who are in that kind of relationship, and how their strength, courage and love for each other made their relationship and marriage possible.
• Philippines
1 Apr 09
my Filipino sisters inlove and are married to Dutch men. I do believe that their union are not always smooth, adding to that the differences in the customs and traditions, the culture shock; after a few years of their marriage, I guess that the culture gap and all those differences were ironed out; of course there's always some misunderstanding here and there which is understandable; they are just humans, not robots. As long as that boths have the will to resolve things, I do believe it will work.
@daliaj (5680)
• India
1 Apr 09
I think inter racial marriage is good if the people love each other very much and have good understanding. But, it is a fact that there will be a lot of problems due to different racial features and cultures of the contry which they belong to. I am saying this from my experience. I had an interracial marriage. My husband is from USA and I am from India. We had gone through some problems mainly because of the cultural difference between the countries which we belong to, but we are able to manage it because of the great love we have for each other.
@syankee525 (6293)
• United States
1 Apr 09
to me it dont matter at all, as long there is love and respect between the two. i have mix cousins, and a neice who's married to someone outside her race. there so much more to worry about.