whats your wii fit age

@benny128 (3621)
April 1, 2009 9:54am CST
hey all mylotters, just got my wii fit age down from 38 to 36 woo hoo, (am34 in real life). what is your wii fit age compared to your real age ??
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@breepeace (3025)
• Canada
24 Sep 09
Like everyone else mine changes every time I go on there. The youngest I have been is 22, and the oldest is 35. I'll be 26 next month. :) It generally averages about 29, though. Guess I'm a bit out of shape still.
11 Aug 09
My real age is 22, and my wii fit age is pretty close to that too. I think my Wii fit age is around.. 26?
@lelin1123 (15639)
• Puerto Rico
29 May 09
It changes for me one day it will be 25 another day it will be 48 but my real age is 52.
@aladar (36)
• Netherlands
2 Apr 09
My wii fit age is changing almost daily, depending really on how tired I am, or when I do the test, but actually it is tending to be more like the real age, I'm 36 now and my wii fit age is from 60-28.