FS 2004 / FS9/ X-plane Virtual Pilot Veteran....Bring on your concerns about FS

@valpopa (155)
April 1, 2009 10:05am CST
Hello Everybody, I am a veteran Fs2004/Fs9 pilot with several hundred hours of PIC experience on a variety of aircraft, both freeware and payware. I am going for my commercial pilot license next year (of course FS2004 has nothing to do with that). If anybody has questions or comments with regard to the simulator, please let me know. :)
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• India
1 Apr 09
Hm..so ur a pharmacist n a pilot at d same time...n veteran too..???i have no idea...u r a man/woman of soo many n diverse talents...!!!
@valpopa (155)
• Italy
1 Apr 09
Well, flying has always been my dream. Unfortunately it stayed that way as my parents were really against a pilot career. In order to get proper pilot training one should join the army and my parents were really scared something horrible might happen to me in a supersonic light aircraft while enjoying a view of Iraq or Kosovo. Given the fact that I enjoyed chemistry since high school, I decided pharmacy would have been the best career for me...but flying remains my dream and hopefully I will get my ratings someday even though I will never be able to get a pilot job (Being a pharmacist is a pretty ok job and maybe I will continue doing some research for awhile...until I turn 30 at least). Oh and by the way..I am male.
@flydanman (114)
25 Jun 09
The biggest issue that I have with FS9 and all Microsoft Flight Simulators is the poor manner in which single-engine handling is modelled. On the ground, taxying a 737 with a single engine is very straight forward and the aircraft has no tendancy to turn based upon the imbalance of thrust. However, on flightsim it's very difficult to keep in a straight line. Indeed, until you can trim the rudder for an engine failure in flight, the handling is simply unrealistic. Besides that it's pretty reasonable, especially with some of the payware available today. The only problem is that it can get quite expensive upgrading all the scenery and getting reasonable aircraft models.