What will you do when you feel emptiness in your Life?

April 1, 2009 10:29am CST
I may ask this things because today i feel e,[ty in my life. I dont even know what to do.I am confuse and it always bothered me a lot of what really makes me empty.I dont understand myself.What about you,what will you do if you feel this way?
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@iskayz (5422)
• Philippines
1 Apr 09
Hi there! I think what you're experiencing is depression.. Sometimes being depressed just happens to people with no reason at all. Generally it is a medical condition and can be triggered by stress or an unhappy event in your life that you can't somehow forget and you might feel that your world has fallen apart. Often times you would feel sad and like what you said empty. Maybe you should unwind a little bit. Go out with friends and have fun. Also try to busy yourself so things will occupy your mind. If you feel lonely think of something happy, could be your family or someone especial in your life. Most of all try to pray. To me praying helps a lot during times when I feel sad and empty. These emotions are normal and it is only us who can help ourselves not to feel sad, empty or depressed. Don't think too much about it to help yourself not to feel empty. Hope that helps. Ciao!
@larish (2193)
• Philippines
1 Apr 09
I cry because after a big cry, it in me a better perspective about life. It leads me to realize that things I should do & the things I shouldn't do. I remain to be optimistic that everything will go on smoothly. I also pray to my god for guidance & strength to overcome my confusions, my sadness & my arrogance. Through prayers, I was able to gain my self confidence & faith. With faith, I have learned that this is just a trial that I have to surpass. That when I am done, I will be a better person....Think positivity!