Do you have interesting pets?

April 1, 2009 11:25am CST
I used to have pet called Amy, a mynah. Unlike parrot, who has gorgeous feather, Amy wears totally black overcoat. However, I like her very much just owing to her cute action. As a mynah, Amy is smart enough to speak many words, such as 'how are you','goodbye','it is the time for dinnar' and so on. She is also good at imitating kinds of sounds. For example, she can cough and the voice is similar to my grandmother's. So many times I wonder whether my grandmother has gone shopping or still stay in the room. Besides, Amy can imitate the ring of phone. Usually I hear the ring and rush to the phone, say several 'hello', then find out that it is just a trick palyed by Amy. What a impish bird! Do you have any other interesting pets? Can you share it with us?
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@amynan (11)
• China
9 Apr 09
Actually i do not really like pet . I'm sensitive to animals and think they may hurt me . I admit i'm afraid of them . But my family raised a pekinese once, calling Porl a English name. He was cute and smart. We never trained him well ,so he gradually grew wild and unfriendly.