Gifts for mother's day

April 2, 2009 12:01am CST
Since there is some talk on mother's day next month and also what to get for your mothers, i will also discuss about my plan and share.I am getting a slide-show/MV with pictures of my mother at various stages of her life and taken with the family and then getting a special song composed to go along with it. I think this will be meaningful and also let her relive some past memories and to let her know we appreciate what she had done for us and the family for the past years.Getting pictures is easy but writing a meaningful song is hard. I am buying one online from, as they are good a composing and have some promotions for mother's day so i catch on the offer. I think there are many people who are also doing the same thing as me. what about you? if not, i think this idea is good to try
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