Are You affected by the Recession?

@AKRao24 (27131)
April 2, 2009 12:04am CST
Every where there is talk about the recession! Every one discuss about it and I think people are presenting the thing out of proportion! Yes there is definitely down fall in the natinal productivity and economy. But in India I really don't see a greta change in one's life style because of recession! Yes people have become much more cautious in spending the money!But there is no Chios as such in a common man's life! This possibly because in India we are immuned to the inflation as it is a regularly occuring phenomenon without any break and people are immuned to it! Government employees are doing very well as they already were drawing good salary after sixth paycommission and on top of it they are awarded with further increament! There is cut down in the man power but people are getting alternate jobs! So for me the recession hardly made any change in my life! How about you? Kindly respond! Your response will be higly appreciated! Thanks !
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@SomeCowgirl (32219)
• United States
2 Apr 09
My fiance and I don't have a job. I know you might think that would present a problem but we also do not have any bills to pay. We are very lucky to be living with his parents who are supporting us, and yet encouraging us to do as much as we can to make money. We are also lucky to have them help us pay for our wedding, and to have guidance by them and by the pastor of the church we are to be married at. The Recession has hit everyone it seems although I am not sure of the varying degrees throughout the world, I think now more then ever people need to stick together and stay together, The USA needs to learn to stay at home and help provide for their parents and for their sibilings. I appreciate this discussion! I'm sorry if I got a little off topic. I hope you have fun mylotting.
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• United States
3 Apr 09
I think everyone has been affected one way or another. I know some prices for groceries and gas has changed over time. I and my husband are refinancing our house for a lower interest rate. We also mananged to buy a nice house for what would have been a much lower price then usual. We have become more serious about paying off our debts. These are some ways our lives have been affected.
@rakesh284 (1472)
• India
2 Apr 09
Hi there, Even I am from India, and due to this down fall in the market It is difficult for me to get a god job. I am trying to get good job but not yet got and still struggling to get it. In the mean time I am even trying to get some extra knowledge.
@rashmie (948)
• United Arab Emirates
2 Apr 09
No people are not presenting the thing out of proportion. Recession is directly affecting the life of general masses. How you see that there is no problem in India. Don't you see that the recruitment is down to the lowest. Private companies are avoiding to show that they are in danger but they are also feeling the pintch. Be it infosys or TCS...or Reliance.... Indians are immuned to inflation. But are they immuned to deflation. In India, last year the inflation had crossed the double digit and this year it has come down under one. How can you say that it is not affecting the life. One demands Cheap money policy then other demand Hard money. And what do you think about alternate jobs. You should not mention Govt. jobs they are less than two percent of working population. What about others. In Textile sector alone more than five lacs jobs have been lost. This was admited by Textile minister in the parliament...the actual figure may be high. Texrile provides 3.5Crore jobs and there is no order. What do you think about them.. Ask an engineering graduate who passed out this year and you will know how much it has affected the life of an Indian....