should i have my impacted wisdom tooth extracted or not?

@alecs76 (657)
April 2, 2009 4:18am CST
i have a molar tooth that failed to emerge fully into its right position maybe because of there's not enough room to accommodate the tooth or the improper angulation of tooth. my tooth is angled forward as per the result of the x-ray. when the problematic molar started pushing my gum, it resulted to excess gum near the other tooth or it other words, it overflowed to the next tooth. because of this, i'm biting the gum always and my gum swelled. the dentist recommended surgery to remove the tooth which cost around 7 to 10 thousand pesos. the other dentist recommended to cut a portion of the gum to avoid the surgery and it cost 3500 only. i had it cut and did not have any problem with it until now. there's sign of tenderness and swelling in the gum tissue and i'm suspecting that the molar tooth still wanted to come out. i'm having doubts in having it extracted since i've read there been deaths, accidents or complications on wisdom tooth extractions. has anyone had their wisdom tooth removed?
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