Have you ever got embarassed falling in front of your crush?

April 2, 2009 6:06am CST
I always used to be a sort of little show off and at times try to keep up my personality. But one day, when comming dowm the stairs with my friends.. I was having little fun that I slipped down and fell exactly near the foot of my crush. That was most embarassing situation I had faced. I just had to give a artifical smile and walk away. How would you have reacted in such situation?
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2 Apr 09
I was so clumsy that I always tumbled and tripped me up,when I was a child.Maybe I was so young,so I didn't feel embarassed at all. As I grew up,such situation bagan to embarrassed me gradually. Several times I just wanted to bury myself in a hole.As for me,bus is the most dangerous place, cause I always tumble on the floor when the driver suddenly stops the bus. Anyway,I often apologize someone I bump and then pretend nothing happened.