Bipolar..CAN u have a normal relationship w/ this disorder or is it an excuse

United States
November 10, 2006 10:58pm CST
Ok I have a friend who is a newlywed, everything was fine until they came back from their honeymoon and husband is all of a sudden not sure about his feelings for my friend, his wife. He goes back and forth of he wants to work it out or need his space. one day he is buying her flowers and the next he is looking for a new apartment. Now my poor friend with any hope she has is looking for any reason of why her husband suddenly is acting like this, she she refers to the internet, does some searching and thinks he might be bipolar. She says it explains his mood swings and depression lately but I think its an excuse for him to cop out of the marriage. what do u think?
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@deeds14 (815)
• United States
11 Nov 06
Encourage your friend to see a therapist. If she can get her husband to go with her, great. Otherwise, at least she needs to go. If he is bipolar, he can take medication for it. Encourage her to get help!!
• Janesville, Wisconsin
24 Nov 06
If they are bipolar the need to see a doctor or a therapist to get this under control, You can go to group therapy sessions too, and get the truth from your doctor about bipolar. Now sometimes in Manic modes they do things they normally would not do and end up just going manic about anything that makes them feel good. Some its shopping, others dating etc. It can be treated and controlled... If they really work on it. Does not mean the urges or emotions are not still there. I have seen many learn how to control this, even though the feelings just drive them bonkers.... they have meds, and techniques to help this. Please get him some professional help, and then, after the right help and treatment is started mosto f the time they should function as if the disorder has never been. - DNatureofDTrain