@alde84 (22)
April 2, 2009 1:23pm CST
"luxury cant buy happiness " Dear Mylotters, In your own opinion, do you agree with that statment?
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@marty3888 (2358)
• United States
2 Apr 09
Yes I do. for instance, my mom didn't live in luxury but she had a pretty nice house. It had a dining room, a family room and a living room, she had a nice deck, a full basement, a fireplace, a full basement, a nice yard and a nice view of the lake. I lived there for a very long time. Then I met someone and before I knew it, we were buying a house. It's old,it has a rather small living room which goes right into the small kitchen, so there is no family room, no living room. There are no electrical outlets outside anywhere. But I love it. It's my house, I'm sharing it with someone, I have someone to sleep with at night. So I'm more happy living in this small old house than I was livin g with my mom. Or, imagine living in a beautiful house with surround sound, big screen tv, beautiful expensive furniture but every day you dread your husband or wife coming home because your relation ship has gone bad. Wouldn't you be happier with someone who loves you but lives in a house like mine? Of course you would. Money can't buy happiness either, but having alot sure lifts the stress of paying all these extra bills. But If I won alot of money, I wouldn't buy another one.
@maezee (38845)
• United States
2 Apr 09
I think luxury (or just plain money) can buy us SECURITY, but I think that's just a small part of being happy. I think it takes friends, family, self-confidence, and contentment with your current situation to be happy.