I finally finished my 2008 income taxes!!!

@cmauthe1 (267)
April 2, 2009 6:12pm CST
I am so happy and relieved to have this enormous chore done for another year!I own/operate my own business(es), and as I am a sole proprietor, I include my business info/income with my personal income taxes. I have used a computer program for years to do my income taxes and find it works pretty well. I always seem to have 4 or 5 different businesses on the go at the same time, and this year set up my accounting program to use "classes". It's really cool as I can run reports that show exactly what each "class" or type of business' income vrs expenses are at any time. It can get a little complicated, but as long as I note on receipts which class it should go to, it works remarkably well. I took everything to an accountant 2 years ago and it cost me almost $650! This was for my husbands personal taxes and my personal taxes rolled in with my businesses. I couldn't believe how expensive it was! I won't be doing that again, much rather spend the $80 on the income tax program lol... I would like to know if you use a computer program, get an accountant to do them for you or do you use pen/paper?
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@clorissa123 (4930)
• United States
3 Apr 09
I get my friend did it for me. He usually charge me cheap, and done a good job for me. I personally satisfied with his work though. I already done my tax income, and I already got my return too.
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@cmauthe1 (267)
• Canada
3 Apr 09
I had been working on this for a couple of months as we moved last year and spent about 4 months on the road. Nice that your friend helps you out. Good for you that you are already finished and received your refund! Are you in Canada? I wonder if every countries due dates are the same? Happy myLotting!