Am I taking advantages?

April 2, 2009 9:16pm CST
I have a friend from high school, of course, that's male. Recently, I accept to help him study English, the only requirement is him has to go to my school to learn. Generally, it seem like a help from a friend. However, he told me that he doesn't want to be my friend (he used to like me for years ago, but not now). It's ok with me and I make a tutorship relation with him. Absolutely, I don't like or love him. But there are another reason. I sercretly use him to test the feelings of other guy toward me. I just want to know how much that guy think about me. Thus, we both have advantages. He can improve English and I have my purpose. That's plan but it's not done yet. Now, I feel guilty when take advantage on him. What can I do now? Should I terminate that plan or still keep it?
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• India
5 Apr 09
I think both of you are confused about your situation or relationship as well. So first fix your priorities and thing what you want to don in future. Don think about advantages and dis advantages. Think about sitiuation only.
• Vietnam
6 Apr 09
Ah, thanks for your responce. But I finally stopped that plan. That's good for both of us.
@job4ee (5)
• United States
3 Apr 09
It appears you have a hidden agenda. On one hand you submit that you are no longer interested in a love relationship with him. On the other hand you required him to attend your school for the price of tutorship. Could you have tested the other guys feelings towards you at Burger king? To be fair I would explain the truth as it relates to your true motives,apologize for the error of judgment to the gentleman you promised to tutor. Is there a way you can identify what the other guy thinks of you independently? In any event,there appears to be no right way to do something wrong.
@rsa101 (38027)
• Philippines
3 Apr 09
Well you are definitely taking advantage of it. Well I guess there are many other ways to know the other guys feeling about you. Just be yourself and soon he'll come to you if hes interested with you.