referrals at your work place .. how interesting would that be ?

@abcnadz (460)
April 3, 2009 2:25am CST
just like you get paid for referrals here at mylot, what if you got paid for referrals in your workplace. ? i dont know if this system is in use anywhere ? the situation would be so good. the employess would run around for the best working , intelligent persons they know so that they can refer ? have you heard of anything like this ??
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@Canellita (12052)
• United States
3 Apr 09
I believe there are some places that do offer this sort of thing. Most of them are likely to involve sales.
@galileo2008 (1144)
• Philippines
3 Apr 09
What I like about referrals is I can earn big bucks by just submitting the names of the applicant (of course, you can only get paid when the applicant is successfully hired by the company). One company usually pays bigger than the other companies, but you should be an employee of the said company so you could receive your referral bonus, otherwise it will just be for nothing.
@agrim94 (3809)
• India
3 Apr 09
Hey thats very interesting discussion. i must agree one of very unique discussions which i saw here, otherwise i used to think , there isnothing new left to discuss. it would be very very good if employers did that but the big problem is, if ur referral is inactive here you and ur referral dont get anything but if he is employed and is inactive , his boss would still have to give him salary till he fires him.