Gains Of Weight Training for weight loss

April 3, 2009 7:25am CST
There are multiple gains to weight training, from looking great, to becoming stronger and fitter. Here are some of them: Increase in metabolic rate Increased bone density Increased strength Defined look Improved Posture Fat loss Decrease in cholesterol and blood pressure One idea many people forget about when trying to loose weight, is weight training. The route to loosing those pounds isn't just about doing cardio work, its a mix of both cardio and weights. Many people believe that weight training will just bulk you up and and more weight. But this is not the case. Weight training adds muscle to your body content, which in turn increases your metabolic rate. This basically means that you will burn a lot more calories, even at rest!! As well as this it will create a more defined look to your body. A little rule of thumb i have picked up in the industry is that a pound of fat is equivalent to a big lump of butter, whilst a pound of muscle is only the size of a strawberry. So increasing your muscle content will massively reduce your size and make you look great!! so get down to your gym and add even just 15-20 minutes weight training into your routine.
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• Bulgaria
22 May 11
Hello I'm agree with you but to lose some extra weight you must work harder than to gain muscle mass.Cardio training is good decision for losing weight but it should be made in correct way.Everywhere in internet space are placed beautiful advices for it. Take a look at this article:
@lexx87 (1710)
• Mexico
27 Jan 10
Its normal because u r muscles are changing haha is a very physiology change in ur muscles means are getting bigger so u are going to " be more heavy" for that reason for the first weeks but after that you are going to see the change . U need use tread mill if u wanna loose weight 20 minutes ! at least but u need . Cardio and weights is the best because u can see the way is changing ur body.