@garmac (57)
April 3, 2009 8:01am CST
do you think the FIA changed the format of F1 racing because Lewis Hamilton won the world championship i think so. they have been usin the same format for a while now but it seem whenever there is a first of something then they change rules and structure. world champions will now be the man that wins the most races regardless of points. i that was done because they saw from hamilton's 1st season that he would likely win the championship with winnin only few races but i think they waited to see if he really cud pull it off. i must say however that it seems the rules changes makes it more competitive. what are ur views?
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@wz2010 (14)
• China
7 Feb 10
yes i agree that FIA changed the format of F1 racing because Lewis Hamiton won the world championship...
@benny128 (3615)
3 Apr 09
I believe the new rules on race wins has been put back till 2010 season. But I do think formula 1 is abit of a joke at the moment with the FIA having no power what so ever and making decisions weeks after races which is just ridiculous in the 21st century. This season we will now see how good hamilton actually is with a car thats no where near as quick as the fore runners. I for one cant wait to see if hamilton and button can step upto the plate now and show us how good they really are. Tho as I have said on a few discussions I am totally dis-illusioned with F1 and the hapless FIA if it wasnt for 2 british drivers I prob would of turned off by now. Thats pains me to see as am a petrol head and have been for over 20 years.