Is there a way to lose the discomfort and pain I'm feeling from ?

April 3, 2009 12:12pm CST
I dislocated my knee yesterday and my entire leg is in a splint to keep the leg straight, however I am feeling a lot of pain and discomfort at the back of my leg which is adjacent to the knee, because I haven't bent it for an entire day.Is there anyway to get some relief from this which will not cause damage to my knee?
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• United States
3 Apr 09
When I hurt my knee I found that if I laid down on my stomach with a pillow under the anckle if the hurt leg I could relax the muscles around my knee and it would ease the pain. I do not know if this would help your situation. I will tell you that the first time I did this I had to have help getting back on my back to sit up. But now when I sleep I find this exact position the most comfortable (I no longer have to have the pillow) If you have to keep your leg straight then you probable shouldn't do this. I was able to bend my knee some.
• Malaysia
4 Apr 09
Thnaks for your tips,i will try your advise as possible.