my dog died...

April 4, 2009 5:47am CST
i am so sad today. our dog died few hours ago. it was so sad. i witnessed how she suffered before dying and her eyes was so sad and full of pain. i just felt bad coz i couldn't do anything to ease her pain. all i can do is comfort her but i know that that was not enough. if only she could talk and told us that she's in pain, that would have saved her life. we didn't know that she's ill coz the whole night, she is okay but this morning, she's just at the corner, and looking so sad. im gonna miss her. i gave food to our other dogs but this particular dog is the sweetest of them all and now, i gave her share of food to her sibling. im so sad...
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• United States
5 Apr 09
I am so sorry. I have had a pet die before and I was devistated. Our animals are like part of the family. I am sorry this happened to you and thet she had to suffer. I hope wherever she is now she is happy.
• Philippines
5 Apr 09
yeah i hope that she is happy now. i just imagine that she's in a wonderful world now filled with flowers and she's playing and eating endlessly and no one will ever harm her again.
@Pose123 (21665)
• Canada
4 Apr 09
Hi yushen, I am so sorry for your loss and it bring back memories of when I had to have my pet cat put to sleep about a year ago. He was suffering a lot and there was really nothing that could be done for him. Don't blame yourself as you did all you could and her time was come. I believe that our pets are sent to us for a reason and that life's continues for them too. Blessings.
• Philippines
5 Apr 09
yeah all of us misses her right now. and its just so sad that we all witnessed her pain and suffering. we should just have put her to sleep so that she wouldn't feel the pain anymore, but sad to say, we weren't able to bring her to the veterinarian. even her "dad" (her real master)can feel her pain. if only she can transfer her pain to me, i wouldn't mind it at all coz she is so young, still a puppy. and when looking at her eyes, it was as if she wag begging for something coz of her pain. just thinking about her eyes full of pain, i couldn't help but cry.