How are you paying for college?

April 5, 2009 12:03am CST
Ok this may be a touchy subject with many but since my finances are getting low and I can't find a job anywhere, I'd like to know how everybody is paying for college. Did you parents sponsor you or are you on a scholarship or are you working and studying at the same time? Do help me out with this..if I can't pay for college, I may have to drop out next semester.
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@20062010 (34)
• China
2 May 09
I can get some money from my parents. Meanwhile, I also do part-time job in the college. As to the expensive intuition fee of the college,I am able to receive interest-free laons that are offered to the students with financial problems. As you said you can not pay for college and may have to drop out, in my opinion,you don't need to drop out, actually ,you can ask your parents to sponsor you or study hard and get scholarship or find a part-time job. As far as i know, some of students in our college can make some money from the part-time job and help them to continue their further study in the college.
@vikkiy (22)
• American Samoa
27 Apr 09
Iam a colleage student.My tuition fees is my parents paid in this year.But next year i have to bank loans.And i will find a part-time job to earn the cost of living.So you also can do it.I hope you can finish your study.
• Philippines
18 Apr 09
of course my scholarship..if not of my scholarship i don't earned anything knowledge from now..i belong to a lower class father is poor my mother is poor when they get married they are blessed of five children and we lived poorer but though, still happy because we kiddies got a brained too who could still avail a scholarship somehow..
• Philippines
18 Apr 09
when i was in college i'm the one is paying my tuition i worked for it..i'm a service scholar of the school..the school shoulder my tuition fee but not included the textbook, uniform and's very hard to be a working students sometimes you have no times to study your lesson anymore but a poor like me should do some sacrifices inorder to survive.
• Philippines
14 Apr 09
When I was in college I received a scholarship from DOST. During that time I found a partime job from school which earned me little money as my allowance. I also joined a choir group because they also giving scholarship for students who have a best performance. Thank God I survived the very expensive tuition fee of our university.
@mizstress (719)
• Philippines
13 Apr 09
maybe you can get a part time job and only enrol some of your subject. it is better than to drop out. they all say that education is precious.. for me my parent sponsored my study in college, i was a full time student coz my parents dont want me to have part time job so i can focus on my studies. i studied in a public school and every student has previledged for free education. in return we have to maintain a certain everage to be able to stay in the program. they say were scholars in that school coz we dont pay any tuition fees.. but its really hard there to study. at the end of every semester is evaluation and those who didnt pass will bid farewell to the collage they enrolled in.. but thankfully i passed my 4 year study there as scholars and my parents are proud of me and very happy coz they saved a lot money on my education.. happy mylotting..
@manjulak (120)
• India
7 Apr 09
I m learning from mylot and paying my fees.
• China
6 Apr 09
I'm sorry to hear this bad message,But I'm also happy to see this post.I'm chinese,my parents sponsor me,incloud 5500RMB tuition a year,1000RMB cost of lifing a month.I understang you,find a job ,ok?then continue your college life,you can do it.believe youself.