Do you believe in destiny ?

@larish (2191)
April 5, 2009 1:00am CST
I always believe that we have this one person meant for us. It means that whatever happens to us it will still lead us to that one person. I met my husband when I was still attending University. Ours was a very platonic friendship for 2 years then. He has to transfer school so we lost in communication. After 5 years, we meet again unexpectedly, we are both in a relationship. Then something happen to our relationships and in 2004, we found each other (as more than friends). In 2008, we got married. This is one of the best decision I ever made in my life --- thank god, i waited for this moment. I really believe that we were meant for each other and that crossing our world again makes it our fate to be together. Most of my friend believe that we make our own destiny with the decision we are making. I am not against it.. People has different point of view. Hope you can also express your thoughts about destiny or fate.
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@bird123 (10632)
• United States
5 Apr 09
Life is about learning and growing as people. We learn through the parameters in our life and the people we meet.The choices are all ours but we do not set all the parameters. People are destined to be together because we learn more with certain people.So run if you will from your true love. You won't get away. There are reasons for everything.
• United States
5 Apr 09
Sometimes I hate that I believe in destiny. I for the longest time I could shake the feeling that the person I was in love with would end up with me. I told myself to move on and I actuallty tried. I stepped into other relationships, but my heart was commited elsewhere. I often would sabotage my relationships in order to stay open in case fate brought us together atlast. That hasn't happened.
• Indonesia
5 Apr 09
I dont believes about destiny cant changed. Its my view : Fate and destiny are two words are often become the reason for the succes or failure of a person. The words refers to further fate of the success or failure, while the fate regers to the way someone lives. So when people see failure. it will say ... its my fate. Similarly, if a person achive success, then other people will say that people have good fortune. Success or failure its depends of us, how care we want to changed ou lives, how concern, how about disciplines and many factor If destiny and fate cant be changed, the the succes will to continue succeed, people continue to fail will fail. But in reality what see, so many people fail become sucessful, and the person who originally stamped eventualy failed to reach any success. Why can so, as fate and destiny can be changed. Its not something eternal. In the example that you ...naturally, the desire and effort to make it happen, sometime the distances and time we cant estimated.
@yinmm007 (605)
• China
5 Apr 09
i believe in fate ,some of us are doomed ,some are destinfied to have a decent life ,and in the life river ,which one is going to be met is arranged