How Do I Paper Train My Dog?

Roxy Eating Snow - Chase Snow Balls To Eat
@EvrWonder (3575)
April 5, 2009 2:12am CST
Roxy will be two in May 2009. She is house trained and will not go potty inside. The problem is this: Due to her small breed and having hair not fur, re: No Undercoat, it is advised not to allow her to catch a chill. In the winter it is so so cold out that my dog nearly freezes to death. She does have a snow suit and loves to play in the snow once the temps come up above zero. This past winter was harsh. I want to train my dog to paper before next winter. I need help because I have no idea how to do this. I have tried using her pee pads but she isn't about to use them as she is beyond that stage now. It would be to her benefit to have her not go outside in extreme weather conditions. This may seem like an odd request because it is but does anyone have any idea or success stories regarding paper training a house trained dog? I really need to accomplish this before next winter. So I have quite a few months. All suggestions very much welcome and appreciated.
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5 Apr 09
i've always started paper training when they're puppies, starting at an older age may be a problem!? the way to do it with puppies anyawys is to crate train them. unfortunately your lil doggy would need to be locked up in a crate with newspaper down for a while until she 'gets it'. there ARE products like sprays you can use to spray on the newspaper, that makes your doggy realize that's where she is supose to go. it's stinky stuff though! i would try that. but there's also other ways, like ummmmmmmm collecting your doggies poop and putting it on the paper lol hey IT WORKS. they're going by smell, and if your doggy smells poop on the paper she'll realize that's where she should go. you don't have to keep a lot of poop on the paper, just a little bit to get the smell in. after a while it's just habit for them to go on paper, clean or not! i cannot guarantee your dog will be able to be trained to use the potty inside though..not if she's already 2 and has only ever been going outside..but it can't hurt to try!!!?
@EvrWonder (3575)
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8 Apr 09
Thank you and I must try because it is far too cold for her in the winter months. Even with her snow suit on. O appreciate your response and your suggestion seem viable. My Mom suggested that I take a pee pad out with me when she goes potty and stick it under her when she goes pee and then bring it in to a spot that is allowable for her go go potty inside. I am impressed my girl is reliable enough that she will wait until she is outside but it is almost critical for her to learn potty inside is OK in designated areas. It gets way too cold her in the winter, especially when the wind is blowing and she catches a chill. She is a Yorkie X. Thanks again. I really appreciate your response.