April 5, 2009 8:17am CST
People nowadays are crazy regarding money . Their actions are mostly money-oriented. For example , some persons even maintain fiendship due to money factor. I think this lust for money should dissappear and people should respect values and virtues. This lust for money is leading to many crimes.
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@benny128 (3621)
5 Apr 09
unfortunatly in the modern world you need money to live, 90% of people go to work to earn money and dont spend enough time at home or neglect friends, but its a fact of life that without money you couldn't live. In this day and age money wont make you happy but believe me without money your options are limited.(I have been there I used to live in a poor area when I was growing up). Money is the root of all evil, but you also need money to live, so I can understand why people neglect friends and relatives in the pursuit of money. Its a case of finding a happy medium between earning and home life.
• India
5 Apr 09
Well said.
@gerald_lian (2191)
• Australia
5 Apr 09
That's true to a certain extent because they are still people out there who value true friendships, such as people like me. But yeah, there are more and more friendships out there that is based on material wealth and money; no money, no talk. I reckon it is the times when you actually are down and broke that the friends around you will start to show their true colors. True friends will stay around, comfort you and help you out; selfish "friends" that lust for money are those that will abandon and reject you. Just be really wary of these types of vigilant and be on your guard.