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April 5, 2009 11:27am CST
i had a 3 year old iguana once named Ed. i had bought him at that age. he came with an amazingly huge cage. ed was raised right. whoever had him before me knew what they were doing. ed was completely litter box trained, he had a corner litter box in his cage, empty (no actual litter in it or anything), and he'd ALWAYS use it. ed was allowed to run free in my home, and whenever he needed to use the bathroom he would go back to his cage and use his litter box! at the time i had him i was also breeding persian cats so my house was FULL of cats. but for some reason, they all got along remarkably! ed would run around the house with the cats chasing him and his long tail. they never faught! it was the cutest, yet strangest thing, i've ever seen lol. if anyones thinking of getting an iguana, please note that they get BIGGGGGGGGG. they will need a VERY large cage and time to run around your house. they are also 100% vegetarian. do not give them iceburg lettuce ever, as it will give them diarreah. romain lettuce is MUCH better for them. always provide lotssssssss of fresh veggies, and some fruits. their tails break easily so be careful of them, but they will also use their tails as a weapon if scared which is one of the main reasons for them breaking. they have SHARP CLAWS!! and reall tame iguana's like to climb all over you and your head lol so get yours use to having their claws trimmed! owning an iguana is like owning a little dinosaur in your home. it's awesome lol
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10 Nov 09
icebur is okay in small portions... it won't make them sick... its just water... plus... how would you REALLY tell if an iguana had diarreha? lol Lettuce of any kind is not a good daily diet for your dinosaur friend, no matter what kind or how green. Plus, despite however well I think I may be feeding my iguana - I always get him the pellets and vitamins from the store to stay on the safe side. I put too much time and love into my Ralphie to not take extra percautions. Ed sounds awesome! Ralphie is getting moved up from his 2' x 2 1/2' x 12" cage (i probably didn't put the dimensions in the right order... and they're not 100% accurate. lol) to a 2' x 6.6' x 3' cage here shortly! Jut gotta finish getting it built - Ralphie is only a year old... but we all ready have an extra bedroom for him when he decides to out grow his new cage! haha My other iguana, Marcy, used to hang out with my fat cat all the time. She used to climb up on him in the window and sun bathe together and everything. They both slept in a little wicker basket next to my bed... and when the cat thought that the lizard was asleep... you should have seen him ever so slowly sneek up in bed with me as if to not let his girlfriend know he was moving onto another woman! haha it was great! Hey! Thanks for letting me reminiss on your page! it was fun! lol Give Ed kisses for me! :)