So I am going to college soon...

United States
April 5, 2009 6:48pm CST
This year in august, and I was wondering if it is anything like high school (not like in the sense of assigned seating, restrictions, detentions, etc) but if you get review sheets or anything. I plan on getting a voice recorder sso I can record the lessons and go over them again to help for tests if you dont get review sheets. I also do not plan on living in a dorm or anything, and was wondering, well, if that would inhibit my ability to meet people. My teachers at school are saying you will not meet any people in your classes, which I think is not true. I'm just really worried about this since I do not make friends that easily.
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• India
6 Apr 09
Congrstulation for start of your college life. Enjoy this but careful about your future plan as well. It is the time of making fortune. But focus on extra curricular activities as well.
@skyla26 (285)
• Philippines
6 Apr 09
whether or not you need to pursue your education because that the only gift that the parents can give you education is the key of success
• United States
6 Apr 09
Tips to making friends in college: *Join a club that intrests you, no matter the size of the school you choose there will be clubs. *Be friendly to the people who sit near you. That does not mean let them cheat (you will be kicked out of school) but do talk to them, say hi, make small talk. Ask your teachers if you can use that recorder. I have had some that are very anal about this, they do NOT want to be recorded, and I have had some that do not mind at all. Take good notes, no matter what even if you are recording, it will help. Some classes give review sheets and some will not. When I was taking classes at the local JR college they took role every day, at the local university the only classes I have that take role are the ones in my major and then not all of them. If you do not like to get up early do not take 8am classes because unless you mom is going to wake you up every day you will not get up and go to class. Misc. Tips: *Be on time, it really does matter *Do not text in class, others are doing it, but they are not going to do as well as you. *plan the classes that you will miss (you are going to want to skip every now and then) If you plan then your friends will be able to take notes for you. *Do not be afrain to talk to your teachers, you are paying them to help you *Use the math lab and writing lab if you are having problems Honestly I could go on and on but I will stop. College can be fun, and you will make friends, just be friendly. Study hard and have fun