car ! big need of life

April 5, 2009 10:22pm CST
Car only three words letter,but it has a great importance in everyone life,rich people have cars but they want to exchange it with big one,if someone has no car then it must be his dream.also car is status symbol of some one.suppose u have a big car then ur status symbol will be counted as high To stay in a high socity it is compulsory these days that u must have anyluxury car.I am very fond of cars,I have a small car but it is my dream to be a owner of big car on my can be possible if i work regularly on my lot.what u think about it tell me ur responces and ur knowledge on car please share it with me. waiting for ur responces
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@navonly (901)
• India
7 Apr 09
Nice to know about your dream of having a big car on your own, and you want to buy that from your Mylot earning. I don't want to break your dream, But dear friend, how much can you earn from mylot in a month? and whats the cost of a big car? So in this case i would like to suggest, if you really wish to buy a big car, you need to get a job atleast and work their. If you are gonna stuck here it would take you ages to fulfill your dreams. Sorry if I was harsh or rude. Now coming to your actual question, you said it right, Cars have become the Status Symbol in big cities these day, rather then just a mere use. The more big and rich society you belong to, the costliest car you need for your use to match your neighbor. If you are poor, you'll look for food, cloth and shelter, if you earn to next level, you look for a bicycle, moving to next level, you need a motor bike, then car, may be then you'll be looking for a personal aeroplane, and may be later something else.