Reverse typing using firefox

@kodigo (171)
April 5, 2009 10:56pm CST
I sometimes encounter the problem of having a reverse search using firefox. Its ok in IE. so I believe its firefox only. For example if type in "mylot" in Google using firefox it will show up "tolym".. I don't know what happened.. Any Ideas?
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17 May 09
hi, i have been getting the same probs recently, although i have updated to the latest version, it now seams to be ok. some other posts mention facebook, i cant remember but i use that regularly, so could be something up. you can cure it my opening taskmgr and just ending task on firefox.exe. mine sometimes loads multiple instances, so have to close 2 or 3. then all is ok after that. a PC reboot is not required. if its happening often setup a bat file containing: taskkill /im firefox.exe pause hope that helps!