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April 6, 2009 1:13am CST
Hey mylotters! I have been having this question on my mind lately about family. Okay, let me get to the family says that we are close but I as sit and think about it I do not think that we are. I do not have a car therefore I can not go and visit them when I want to but the majority of them has cars but they never and I mean never comes to visit us (by us I mean my mom, daughter and me). But as soon as a family dinner is coming they want us there. Me and my mom had this conversation before and I never really thought about it as she did but now I see what she mean, they do come to see us at all or even call. Do any of you have this problem with your family and what should I do, should I tell them how I am feeling by them not coming to see us or should I just let things go?
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• United States
6 Apr 09
Our situations are different, but I've found that a lot of family just sucks! I know that's fairly harsh. My kids have special needs, and right now they're the only two in my family (one of my cousin's kids has autism, but they're still in denial and have not had him evaluated). Nothing happens unless I make the call and bring my kids out. Except for birthday parties, none of my family visits us. I know my family is a lost cause, but you should say something if you feel you'd like them to visit more.
• Philippines
6 Apr 09
tell them if there's something wrong, talk intimately. if it works, you can't do anything. just ask also help from other friends or relatives. this is my suggestion