Controversy Regarding The Daughter Of Jesus Christ

April 6, 2009 2:10am CST
Recently, I watch the movie named as The Vincy Code. After watching this movie, I understand meaning of the painting, " The Last Supper " as well. According to that movie Jesus Christ is married man. Even the lady surrounding him in this painting give birth to daughter after death of Jesus Christ. But nobody knows where is this lady and where is this daughter. Even I don't know why the CHRISTAIANS not want to accept this reality that Jesus is not single. Is being married is crime for Jesus.
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@MyzDy19 (919)
• Philippines
14 Apr 09
I don't know how to react in that one. Show me the lady you are talking about and the child and let me state my opinion about that. By the way, I'm actually thinking about that. When Jesus is still in these earth, did He not get married and have a child maybe. But then, I thought if Jesus has a child can we consider this child as our Lord too? Anyways so much for that. I just wished to Him that when I die I want Him to answer my questions including this one.
• India
14 Apr 09
It is very typical question for me as well. Upto that time I am not sure that it is true or only one more example of controversy.
@mcdohl (47)
• Indonesia
8 Apr 09
I read the novel, watched this movie and started to dig some fact about this famous and best selling novel. In my opinion this Dan Brown is a genius, he put a mix between an old fact about Christian gnostic heretic sect, and many fiction like Nicea council pool (Actually it's 9 to 1 that believe Jesus is God in Flesh vs Non Trinity believe) to made his story. The truth about marriage of the Christ is only taken from non canon Gnostic 'Gospel of Philip' (It even doubted that the Saint Philip who wrote this Gospel) in vague passage that Jesus kissed Mary Magdelene ( I kissed my friend for her birthday too, so i considered marry her and have a daughter with her?) not even in all historical account (combined all gnostic gospel and all sources from first century) ever written that Jesus had a daughter and married. One painting of Da Vinci + Suspicious which not been proven too about Da Vinci involvement in secret society combined with one and only one vague kissing passage in all Gnostic Gospel conclusion Jesus had married and have a daughter equal great sensations and best selling novel also a lot of copyright money, wow he is a genius!!
• India
9 Apr 09
Fact5 is fact . it does,nt mattee these are old or new. I am asking why.
@livewyre (2455)
11 Jul 09
Anybody with any understanding of the subject knows that the Da Vinci code is a book and then a film - nothing more, it has very little basis in factual history and makes a number of silly mistakes in it's scriptual references. Of course, you are welcome to believe anything you want, but I think Dan Brown would be surprised that anyone would hold his novel as being fact. The 'story' is concocted from a mixture of Bible references and myth - why that would appear to be more appealing to many people than the Biblical account on its' own is testament to the fact that people always like to add to an already complete story. You state 'nobody knows where is this lady and where is this daughter' and then follow it with 'I don't know why the CHRISTIANS not want to accept this..' Well look at what you have written... You say you don't have any knowledge or evidence of this so-called daughter, to take it further, there is also no evidence of marriage, yet you expect people to embrace it as truth??? What else do you believe? If you have read Winnie The Pooh, perhaps you believe toy bears talk to toy piglets in the wood and they eat honey together??
• Philippines
12 Apr 09
The movie/book "the davinci code" is just fiction that's pretending to be real by exagerrating some real facts. It's kinda like the TV series the X-Files were the viewers, after each episode, comes to thinking if the story is real. Christians will never accept this marrying topic because once you are called into priesthood, you are considered married to God or basically, married in your vocation. the term married means you are tied only to your mission. You only sere god and mankind. It's like giving yourself up to God and his children. You devoid yourself of your own pleasures. It's kinda hard but if you have the vocation and the heart to serve God, you wouldn't mind chastity and humility.
@urbandekay (18308)
6 Apr 09
There are a number of reasons why Christians do not accept that Jesus was married; 1. In is not credible that the authentic gospel makers would not have mentioned it, we know, for instance, that Peter was married. 2. That the disciple in the painting is not a lady but a man painted in an effeminate manner by a painter that was gay. 3. Jesus himself advocates not getting married for those that are so called. all the best urban
@owlwings (41802)
• Cambridge, England
6 Apr 09
The Da Vinci code is clever fiction. It is NOT reality nor did it ever pretend to be! I don't think it would be a 'crime' if Jesus were married. He was a man, after all, but he WAS a man with a mission. Many men (and women) who feel they have a life's mission choose not to marry, of course, and it's not unreasonable to assume that Jesus was never married, especially as no mention is made of the fact in the New Testament. If the story of the virgin birth is true (and virgin birth is not impossible, though the resulting child ought to be female), there are sound biological reasons why he might not have been fertile.