April 6, 2009 5:39am CST
Hi everyone, saw a website about pays to make friends, the website is yuwie, does it really pay,or is it another scam, has anyone join this program, please advise, thanks a lot
2 responses
@May2k8 (10097)
• Indonesia
6 Apr 09
I don't have any referalls in Yuwie, i just have two and all of my referalls are not active. So, Yuwie is a few earnings if my friends or me are not view or commenting or notify or blogging, and etc. We must at least have 500 view for $0.01, first month i only have $0.01 because i don't really active. One half month being member there, i cannot comments it really pay because i am not yet reach the payment in Yuwie.
@Bethany1202 (3432)
• United States
6 Apr 09
I have also joined Yuwie and have almost 100 referrals there, most of which are not active. Even when I logged in every single day and was very active, I never earned more than $0.50 a month there, so I really don't think it's worth going there to earn money. If you are interested in making friends, sure, go ahead and put up a profile, but don't expect to make much money there at all. I have been a member there for a year and a half or so and never yet have reached the $5.00 minimum for payout!!