Daydreamer2: What can we do in the middle of Financial Crisis as a citizen?

April 6, 2009 6:38am CST
Me? i started learning from saving money and only spend it for my needs, then i also started questioning myself before buying something or what, i'm still a college student and to contribute to the public i have to save money from time to time. you what can you do in the middle of financial crisis as a concern citizen? just an opinion from you so i'll learn.
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• India
6 Apr 09
money is a great boost to social service but one can do it without money as well.One can contribute through personal effort I mean do community service in hundred different ways.
• Bangladesh
6 Apr 09
When we are in the middle of financial crisis we have to shrink our budget and leave our less portantant items from our daily life. For me I always try to avoid luxurious foods and/or any other subsidiary necessities. So, at the middle of financial crisis I must reduce my spending as possible and try to work hard to relife from the measurable condition.
@SomeCowgirl (32256)
• United States
6 Apr 09
Luckily my fiance and I have no financial responsibilities. All we do is save and spend on our wedding. We're happy to be saving and hope that we can one day live off our savings comfortably. We're trying to find legitimate and eco friendly ways to make money that takes very little effort and time so their is more time for us. Of course we're both stubborn in our own right so doing this has proven to be hard. We're learning valuable tips on saving the money we do make, and are continuously finding ways to be frugal. The internet is an endless resource, it's just ironic that thrown away computers harm our environment, and the use of computers in general up the electricity bill and the usage of electricity at the many factories that harbor electricity. I hope that we all can do our part to earn money and save the environment. Sorry for being such an eco nerd but that's who I am. Have a wonderful day mylotting and have fun saving as well.
@Pose123 (21666)
• Canada
6 Apr 09
Hi Daydreamer, I think that you have the right idea and at least you are giving it some thought. There are many who have lost their jobs and some their homes homes as well. These people are concerned for their very survival and don't have time to think of much else. I think we all have to be more careful than we were a year or two ago but it's important that we not lose hope. Things may never return to the way they were and that in itself may be good because we had gotten to reckless and too sure of ourselves. A new way must be found. Blessings.