When given the chance to be a celebrity in one day,whom you want to be and why?

April 6, 2009 7:11am CST
Well on my part if given the chance to be a celebrity in one day i choose Oprah. Because she is influential person with a good heart,she touches lives of so many unfortunate people and never tired of sharing her blessings to those needy people.what about you can you tell me who you want to be in one day?Share your ideas here mylotters and let people know some of your thoughts regarding this matter.Smile...
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• United States
6 Apr 09
I wouldn't want to be any star for a day . And as far as Oprah giving to the needy , I say kudos to her . But when are the celebrities that give to all these 3rd world countries going to start giving to their own country .. As many homeless people the USA has why not give some money to their community to build permanent shelters for the homeless, build clinics to treat those who do not have insurance ,fill up the foodbanks so a child does not have to eat out of dirty dumster. All of these stars should be giving back to their own countries . Without their fans they wouldnt have all that money either .
• China
6 Apr 09
hello cheryltippett, i am sure that not all the stars contribute to the third world with few to their own countries, so i think this may not be the reason that you wouldn't want to be any star for a day . you said without their fans they wouldn't have all the money either, but besides the domestic fans ,they may aslo have foreign fans to love and support them. so them aslo have responsibility to show their love to other countries. though there are aslo homeless people in the USA, being the global most powerful country, the situation in U.S is beter compared with other states.
• Philippines
6 Apr 09
I f I would be given a chance that would be Anne Hathaway.!I dont know,I just like her so much.!I also adore her more on her films.She's really a great actress and I would like to spend my day with her.She's really gorgeous and beautiful.!