How people give the credit to God

April 6, 2009 8:20am CST
People work hard all their lives, slog like bulls and thus earn their bread. Surprisingly, many people give the credit and praise to God. They say God is merciful, they say God made their life bountiful while the truth is that is was they themselves who slogged like bulls and made their life bountiful.
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• Philippines
8 Apr 09
It is because it is human nature to believe in the existence of Supreme Being. From Pagansm to Christianity. Now let put religion aside Have you ever imagine, how primitive people wonder to the existence of sun, moon and stars? Have you ever thought why they give offerings to it? Have you ever wonder why there are chants and rituals? To whom these things they are offering? -TO THE SUPREME BEING. When education, civilazation and religion met the people, it define the social belongingness of a man, as to which god he wants to believe in....BOTTOM LINE, the idea of GOD is inate of man. People give credits to GOD as he himself believe in the existence of Supreme Being. And it is nice that people should practice it whole heartedly.
@suzzy3 (8352)
7 Apr 09
I know what you mean.I struggled all my life to get a life for my kids with my husbands help of course and he walks in the door with the money exhaused not anyone else.I think people who work the land see god clearer than we do.I suppose it is all around them.Some people don't take the praise for their own slog.xxxx
@coldmoon (1092)
• France
6 Apr 09
In fact people don't give the credit to God. I think God can do nothing with such credit. It just come into the pocket of some pedants who pretend that all they do are in the name of God.