How to gain benefits on internet

April 6, 2009 8:23am CST
1. Create personal website or blog. 2. Find some Trusted online money making or Trusted program to make money online on the internet using search engine. 3. If you decide to join a online money making, re-check again using the search engine by typing "is ..... .com a scam?... If the search results shows many bad testimonials, you better think twich ti join. 4. Join as much as you can the most trusted online program. 5. Join their affiliates or referral program and add their banner into you site or blog. 6. Submit your site or blog on google, yahoo, msn search engine by log into each webmaster pages. 7. If you create a blog, then join and so you can add your blog into their site (Your blog will index by google, yahoo, msn in less than 3 days). That all my tips for now... Do you guys have questions?
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• India
18 Jul 09
Hi there, Thank you for sharing all of the above. I'm really new to all this so forgive me for my rather tedious questions, I'll ask then one at one time. Regarding point 1) Create personal website or blog......can you please explain to me how one actually earns from this, please give us a much breadth as possible bearing in mind I'm a total beginner? Thanks
• India
19 Jul 09
Thank you so much for explaining that so simply. I've never created a blog and am totally baffled as to what to write about. Again it's a totally new area for me. I will search on the site that you mentioned and try to get a feel for things. I wonder if there are any tricks to the trade of writing a successful blog that I should know about. Take care