fasting this holy week?

@chiepao (714)
April 6, 2009 1:03pm CST
for all catholics, will you be fasting this holy week? there are other ways on how to do fasting, not only through avoiding meats but also by giving up something that you do during this week. For me I wouldn't be playing games (mmorpg, mmo's etc) for the rest of the week. that would serve as my fasting this holy week. what about you ?:3
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@dminotaur (134)
• Philippines
31 Mar 10
Okay - Ummm, I think i just had a burger, does that count? My Bad. At least i'm not going to be playing video games the rest of the week and instead go backpacking - i think that counts for something, right? :)
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@chiepao (714)
• Philippines
1 Apr 10
LoL dminotaur! Here, we're not allowed to eat pork or or beef. Just fish and veggies. I think you gave up playing online games for the holy week, yeah it counts. It would be just for a week
• China
7 Apr 09
I never have this experience about fasting holy week.Everything in my life is important,i could never forgive any of them.Sometimes i could reduce sth,but it would`t last too long.
@coolcoder (2019)
• United States
6 Apr 09
I'll be fasting as much as my health permits (I'm hypoglycemic), and I'll be doing other forms of mortification, such as not giving in to my anger whenever something upsets me.
@chiepao (714)
• Philippines
7 Apr 09
My dad's hypoglycemic too. I know what it's like ( well not that i feel it too tho). Hope you could do what you're planning this week! thanks for the response
@asliah (11140)
• Philippines
3 Apr 13
actually very small count of the people who still believe in this fasting during holy week,but i have tried before to do this kind of fasting that no rice and meat,sometimes elders never allowed people to be noise during holy week especially good Friday.